Missing ATC sound

Sometimes when I briefly(4-8 seconds) leave the game to auto fill IF assistant, the atc volume goes away, I was wondering if that can be fixed, or I am doing something wrong.

The ATC sound goes away if it is in the middle of a “read” and you leave the app and or someone calls you. I believe there’s fixes out there if you have both ground/tower open? Someone may be able to chime in here (Audio pun)

It stops for the whole rest of the session

There’s your problem. You shouldn’t be leaving the game during your flight. Like never.


So don’t t leave the game, but I need to for IF Assistant

You should do everything pre flight.

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Should I not use auto fill then?

I have never used IF assistant so i dont know what that is

It automatically tells you the V1, VR, and V2 speeds for weight/aircraft type

All I know, as it works for me is that if you tune out of the frequency you were in then leave the app for a brief moment, that shouldn’t necessarily make the ATC voice disappear, since you has left the frequency then.

So try doing this on the ground, try while you’re at the gate, just leave the frequency, and exit the app for a few seconds as you mentioned and you should be fine. I mean I am bu then again, it depends on the users device, the amount of RAM and RAM management, but tuning out of all frequencies and then briefly exit the app shouldn’t oppose any issue with ATC voice.

I know that it works for me, and I usually do multiple long hauls, back to back, meaning as I reach my destination and get ready to continue flying, I leave the app. Around 3-6 times each time I fly.

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Thanks, I have a IPhone7+

I just cleared the ram a week ago

iPhone 7 Plus, hmm, should work. It works on my iPad Pro, well the iPas is a very strong device, so that’s pretty obvious, but it also does work on my iPhone 8 Plus. Do give it a try to leave all ATC frequency before exiting the app to do what you were gonna do. And don’t leave the for too long as then issues may still arise.

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Thank you, bye