Missing ATC Commands for Unknown aircraft

Just 5 minutes ago I had PHNY open on Advanced and encountered the following problem:
After @Laurens had requested taxiing, I could not repsonse as no ATC instructions were available for him, he showed up as an unknown aircraft.
Whereas when I tapped on ‘show information’ all details were loaded and the plane identified.
This forced me to interrupt the session.


Device information:
Samsung Galaxy S2+, Android 4.2.2, latest IF version

I had an active and fast WiFi connection active at that point.

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Yes, you should ghost them.

What kind of “solution” is this?!

• In my case I did nothing wrong.
• The controller is not able to ghost if the command list is not displayed.


Well that’s what was a teply in a earlier thread.

Actually we are. When we press an aircraft we are brought up with a few options including the ghosting option, other messages etc.

If traffic that is unknown interferes with other traffic boss told us to ghost and then boss will revert ghost.

PS. Boss is Tyler ;)


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