Missing airstrip in trinidad

There are 3 airstrips in trinidad one being TTPP another one that is no longer in use but still can be used and then the one thats missing is an airstrip used for training and light aircrafts

the circled one is the one we already have (TTPP) the one in Couva (southwest to TTPP) is the one missing and Camden airport is the name. This is my first time pointing out an airport and ik they dont take requests…this is just a heads up

Then it won’t be added.

We’re aware of the others.


wasnt asking for that one im concerned about Camden

Refer to this. It will be added when one of our editors are interested.


@Levi.TT, if you can find a definitive ICAO (TT-TT01 doesn’t count), I’ll rework this.

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