Missing airstrip in canada

this is a fun looking airport on top a 12000ft mountain w 900 ft of rwy so i was looking for it in IF and it wasnt there. Ik IFAET wont take requests but is it possible to get it in?

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An airfield on top of a mountain?

@Balloonchaser I think the club’s gonna love this.

Normally, Editors do not take requests. However, you could join the team and edit them yourself! Be sure to know how to work the system though!


Exactly why i want it.

Thats the reason i didnt join its cause idk how to so i will leave that to the pros

@MaxTheBandit dang, we could’ve gone here if it was added


That would’ve been awesome :D


Sorry to burst any excitement, but there’s not enough good evidence that this airport actually exists. IFAET do not add nonexistent airports.

😔 you bursted my excitement

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What evidence is needed? This was on swiss 001 in microsoft is it possible microsoft will add non existent airports? Not being sarcastic its a genuine question

Anything that will prove such. There’s no data matching to a Mount Robson airport or a CMRA. Sure it exists on MSFS, but that doesn’t mean IF will too, we still have a standard for realism.

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It might exist, because there is a park.

It’s actually a national park

You need general airfield information and satellite imagery. Is it on airnav or similar site? There are a number of random runways around the world that are not documented that are not added.

I checked, there isn’t :^)

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I might find it give me a second

I don’t think this is a real airport, since Mount Robson is a mountain peak and there isn’t any airport at the peak.

Launching Google earth

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Idk anything abt this on the video it was on microsoft so i thought it would be real and he said it was an ‘international airport’ i could be wrong obv tho

hehehe WIsh I could fly here

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Nope, sorry I’ve searched the whole area.