Missing airports

Hello, 2 airports are missing in Turkey, and my Turkish friends often talk about this situation among themselves,
I wanted to research this situation and share this post.
but I couldn’t choose which category to share, so I share it in this category.
I wanted to learn from the airport builders whether these airports should be added or why.

  1. LTCT — Igdir Airport (remote regional airport)

İn game

  1. LTBW — Istanbul, Hezarfen Airport ( For small airport, Cessna and traning flight)

İn game


Hello, thanks for report, but now we can’t do anything with it, we just can’t add missing airports.


yes, @Alexorlov I know that the airport (3D) designers did not add, but who adds these airports to the game?

Also the Fort Bragg Dirt landing strip isn’t in the game :(

No one I think. It’s impossible, because there’s no system for that.

The roadblock for adding airports currently not in Infinite Flight, is that the system so far doesn’t allow for that to happen. Before, in the WED era it was possible to add these airports by doing them from scratch. These ones that you mentioned unfortunately were just not edited before the transition happened.

All we can do is wait until the scenery editor can have the ability of adding missing airports.


Wow incredible how I miss that the is just disappointing they need to add those Airports

I get it, thank you for the explanation. ✔

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