Missing Airport

Hi there, I recently spotted a missing airport in Antarctica. I wanted to fly a plane there, but when I searched in the map, no such airport showed up.
It is Union Glacier (SCGC).
Could the IFAET please add this airport?
Since it is quite an important airfield in the snowy continent, including it can open quite a few flight options.
Thanks for noting.

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IFAET Does not take direct requests, Antarctica might not be the best place of their interest. But you can
If you want to join and do it yourself because everything is better when you do it yourself thing

Yea you can’t really request you have to do it yourself by joining the editing team or you can hope someone does it other than that it won’t be in the game

I’m sure that airport is on our internal lists. Unfortunately Antartica is rarely visited by pilots in Infinite Flight, so few editors have the desire to edit anything there. Since the airport is tiny, I can give you my assurance that someone will get this added for you in the next update. If no one wants it, I’ll take care of it myself :)


Check out the highlighted post. Thanks Ryan!