Missing “airport in sight” button on A321

Hi, yesterday I was asked by SoCal Approach to report airport in sight (LAX) on two different flights in my A321. However, the button wasn’t on my ATC dashboard in my airplane. I didn’t notice this until after the most recent update. ATC rarely requests this, so only upon request yesterday did I notice this missing. Maybe the recent hot fix that made the ATC box larger accidentally removed the airport in sight button? I play on an iPad Pro 11” tablet. Thanks!

It won’t be different based upon your aircraft but I will the and see if I can reproduce.


Also notably other aircraft on the frequency (I didn’t check what type) were successfully reporting ‘airport in sight’. So maybe it’s the aircraft or the device. Just FYI. Thanks!

Do you have a Screenshot?

I almost took one during the flight but did not. Should I grab one from the replay?

You won’t be able to see the buttons on replay. You would need to start a new flight to take another one. But maybe someone else has a different suggestion.

I have it on my IF so maybe double check and see if you can reproduce this again.

Okay sorry. I wasn’t sure so didn’t bother :/ All the buttons were there. I know it’s usually on the left side middle column, but it was definitely not there because I checked thoroughly on the second request.

I’ve seen this before if not told to ‘expect vectors for the visual approach rwy xx’ by approach and just given vectors right off the bat. Not sure if that’s the case with this though

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Yes I wondered if it had to do with how the controller worded it because they did NOT say visual. But that’s why I checked more thoroughly on the second flight. Anyway just curious…

Curiously, the glitch went away today while flying. I checked a few times while on with SoCal departure & approach. I was on ILS approaches every time, but the button was back. Not sure what caused the glitch, but it appears to be self-resolved. Thanks!

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