Missing Aircraft Report: 200400ZNOV15

A Cessna 208 has lost contact with controllers on a VFR flight between YGLB and YSBK. The aircraft, painted white and registered IF-ATC, disappeared from radar screens on Free Flight just over an hour ago. Search and rescue aircraft must be dispatched immediately.


I don’t get it…

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Not read the SAR topic. What does he want us to do when we find him?

That was difficult, So many little valleys. I saw you on gps when I filled my flight plan, but without the airplane dots and gps I couldn’t find you :(

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Thanks for coming! A few 4x4 enthusiasts in a Land Rover came by and picked me up. I also found a pilot to fix it up and fly it out of the valley I put it down in.


Went and looked for ya even though the post is hours old … Couldn’t see you. You still there, I’ll go back.

I left a few minutes ago due to low battery. Sorry.

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Ah, jeez 😫

Next time, eh? Have a groovy evening

I will, except for the fact it’s almost morning!

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Made a video log buddy …

forgot to post earlier …