Missing Aircraft On Flightradar24


This Air canada Q400 was last seen at FL013, with 130kts of GS. Does anyone know what happened?

You mean this one cruising along to Moncton?

FR24 was just having a brain fart


What do you mean by “Missing Aircraft”

When an aircraft does something weird in FR24, just don’t worry about it, always assume it’s a tracking glitch, till you see further confirmation of an incident, since 99.99%of the time it’s the tracking. Here in Pittsburgh aircraft regularly drop off at a few hundred feet near the runway, all depends on the coverage, and the aircraft it’s self.


Thanks Guys!

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I saw about 4 different aircraft like that yesterday. FR24’s just being bad.

I was following an aircraft when it suddenly disappeared, why?
In most cases, our receiver network is no longer receiving a signal from the aircraft. This tends to be more common when an aircraft is flying over large bodies of water. It can also be a technical problem somewhere. Once the aircraft flies over an area with coverage again, tracking will be resumed. Coverage in the same area can be different depending on data source and transponder type.


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