Missing ability to change texture quality mid-flight

See my posts below for the real problem I’m experiencing

This is the view when on the home page settings

Unfortunately when I start a flight the texture quality control vanishes.

My iPad 2017 is more than capable of supporting maxed out quality but to keep the battery life lasting 12+ hours, I need to turn down all of the rendering and textures once I am at cruising altitude. This is impossible because the texture quality, one of the most essential things to turn down to save battery and memory, can’t be changed mid-flight. This means the battery is only lasting 7 hours during long flights and when combined with iOS 13 memory leakage, I’ve failed to complete a single long haul flight recently.

Please do not tell me to restart the app, re-install or restart my iPad. I’d like to know if this is an issue with iOs or iPad 2017’s, or if it’s a bug that has occurred in recent updates.


This have never been possible to change mid flight, as the textures are loaded when you initiate a session and can’t be changed thereafter without ending the session.

The setting did exist at some point mid-session though, but never had any effect until the session was restarted.


I’m pretty sure it has most certainly existed when I last had IFPro because I remember turning down the quality of texture over the 1000 flights I did. I also remember turning up the texture quality and rendering whenever a sunrise was happening because low quality texture doesn’t show the sun or terrain in justice.
It definitely existed and it’s very disappointing to see an essential feature for Long Haul flights no longer be there.

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I think you’re missing my point here.

The reason it’s not there mid-session, is because it does not have any effect until the session is restarted.

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Ok, I’ve figured it out. I was misremembering things, yeh you’re right that exact control was never there, I was getting the three of them mixed around, that’s mistake is on me. But I’m still a little confused.

(This is high quality everything)

(And this is low quality)

I dunno if I missed something in the past 10 months but the sky looks much higher quality if not indistinguishable from high quality. The aircraft and scenery are definitely rendering in low quality but the sky and general rendering doesn’t seem to be as memory saving lower quality than we saw here a couple of years ago When is the update? (which is also what I remember it looking like). Can you fill me in on if any changes were made of whether there is some issue?

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When it comes to performance, we have quite of a big issue right now with iOS crashes as you’ve read.

I do not believe we’ve changed anything in terms of graphics since, not in a way that should worsen things.

I fully understand thhe crashing problem from memory leakage is not your fault. I’m not blaming anyone at FDS for the crashes.

That’s really the problem, low-quality rendering is meant to be low quality and meant to save memory and battery but it looks like it is rendering at high quality even though the settings are set to low.

The texture quality setting only impacts planes, not terrain.


That’s one hurdle I’ve figured out but the real problem I’m having is that rendering resolution doesn’t seem to work. The two pictures I posted are with all the settings on high and all settings are on low respective of each picture. The problem is the sky and sun are rendering in high quality even when the graphics are set to low.

This best shows off what normally happens when the quality is set to low, unfortunately, my problem is that I’m getting high-quality graphics when I set it to low which causes battery issues and isn’t great for memory when iOS users need to conserve as much memory as possible with memory leaks in iOS 13.
My question is, is there something wrong with my rendering which is preventing lower quality rendering or has there been an update which improved rendering for when you set the “rendering resolution” “rendering quality” to low.

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