Missiles and bombs possibilities

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of feature request for bombs or missiles And I know that the moderators have said no and that people worry about trolling if they invented a squawk code system in the simulator maybe fighter jets would only be allowed to shoot down planes that Squawk7500 Or if there was a military server only other fighter jets that were on the military server a possibility for bombs would be that they would only be allowed to be dropped over oceans not near islands or land or at the Tonopah test range in Nevada these are just a few possibilities that might make missiles and bombs be able to be used I’m not saying they should be made or not but these are some possibilities that might make it more fun to fly a fighter jet this would also be nice if they made bombers such as the B1 B-52 or B-2 But you would not be allowed to drop bombs less than 20 miles from an airport

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I like this idea, you could make a features request about this! However, I am pretty sure the animations will not be added.

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First off, what? Functioning arament in a flight sim is way beyond unnecessary.

Second, please put punctuation in that, it’s just about impossible to read.


Even infinite flight biggest competitor X-Plane has aircraft carriers and missiles and bombs for fighter jets

As per @schyllberg: Closing this right away so people don’t vote for something that will never happen :) Infinite Flight will never feature weapons in such a manner.

You can vote for aircraft carriers here: Sailing Aircraft Carriers

@nativetoalaska, not everyone is perfect with English. If you can’t read it, don’t bother commenting on it.

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Yes, but is it necessary and how does it contribute to that sim in a positive way other than missions?

But this is better because it would prevent trolling and damage to non-military aircraft or aircraft that we’re not being hijacked

Just about impossible” doesn’t mean completely impossible. Only took me a minute.

The answer is as simple now as it was when i replied to something similar in the past:

Nope. No weapons.


Adding an additional server specifically for military aircraft would cost a lot, probably an amount that isn’t affordable right now. Not to mention the development of functional arament.

Just to let you know X-plane has it so Infinite Flight should to

X-Plane isn’t Infinite Flight. End of story. You want what you want, go to X-Plane.


Just because X-Plane has it doesn’t mean Infinite Flight should have it. Both are different sims in their own ways.

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Why do we need it just because they have it? I don’t see the logic.
We’re not out to copy one another.


Don’t go there. Like Seb said, no weapons.

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How do you know that? Pure speculation based on 0% facts :)

You could also argue that we’re gaining business because we don’t have that. We put our resources elsewhere.


But if you had a military server then we could have the best of both worlds

As i said, we’re not that kind of sim.
Weapons won’t happen period.