Missed the picture

My camera couldn’t find the plane, seriously the plane was right above me and the camera didn’t see it

Emirates a380 at 4000 feet landing at EGBB/BHX/BIRMINGHAM

It actually upset me that I couldn’t take the picture as it was the best sight of my life

What is the point of this topic??

It was the best sight of my life but the camera wouldn’t see it

He couldn’t take a picture and that made him sad. Have a heart Josh 😄


It’s not a loss man. It’s a great memory that you have now. It’s a plane, and a camera didn’t work. Now you can tell people a great story about the event instead of another picture.

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The world today is too reliant on technology my friend, he wouldn’t be able to tell a story that is true without evidence… Haiz…

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Can’t it’s been beaten out of me over the years 😂


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