Missed my approach

Yesterday I had did a flight from KDCA-KLAX and it was a 4 hour flight and I overslept of course and the reason I overslept I forgot to set my timer to 12:00 Am I had started at 9:30 and then when I woke up at 3:55 I was past Los Angeles airport into the ocean about half way with 3,000 pounds of fuel left so currently I am doing that flight now to get these passengers there and flight attendants.

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I’m sorry to hear that. Did you have a question or was this an update on your flight?


A question how do you not oversleep?

Set a couple alarms before your TOD

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Well it looks like you overslept due to forgetting to set your alarm. I’d recommend setting it to 30-60 minutes before TOD

Yeah I did forget.

What happens when you oversleep to do circle above an area or keep going straight?

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The problem is I had 3,000 pounds left I couldn’t make it back even If I tried to get to Los Angles that would be four hours as I had overslept four hours.

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You could always glide back.

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With 3,000 pounds would I fall out of the sky?

Assuming your position is where I think it is, Hawaii shouldn’t be too far away

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🗣“ Attention passengers, as you may have noticed by looking out your window the last couple of hours, we are well past the west coast. Due to the fact that both of your pilots were, as a matter of fact, asleep, we will be diverting to Hawaii!”


I’ll track you on liveflight

Nvm you said yesterday

Were you able to land?

No I had quit my flight since it was 3:55 am the passengers were dreaming but not for me imagine it didn’t happen since I’m in a flight right now to Los Angeles it would have been a horrifying experience to crash in the middle of the ocean and wouldn’t be able to get Los Angeles in time because of a fuel problem.

I wish I should have went to Hawaii but the problem I had went North West towards Vancouver but at the time I didn’t know because I was half asleep and a little mad to don’t forget about the fuel problem.

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