Missed approach while a/c is taking off

What would be the correct procedure if there was an aircraft taking off that had passed V1 while and aircraft on short final executed a missed approach. Would the aircraft break off to the left or right in order to prevent flying too close to the aircraft taking off ?


Depending on which departure you assigned to the taking off aircraft. That way you can manage it.
Also, a proper thing to do is tell the going around aircraft to climb to a safe altitude to avoid collisions.

You would tell the landing aircraft to, “Execute missed approach, make right(left) traffic runway XX”. If it looks like there will be a conflict, you can issue the traffic warning followed by a pattern command such as “Enter right(left) downwind runway XX” to emphasize the need for an immediate turn. Please note: on a normal missed approach, you would not give a pattern entry after the right(left) traffic instruction in the missed approach command. If all else fails, you can re-issue the pattern command and add a “please expedite”.


It doesn’t matter which direction they fly. They’re going to be making left/right traffic per the controller’s instructions, and will most likely begin turning before they even get halfway down the runway.

The departing aircraft will continue to takeoff, since they are past V1. They will most likely be executing a straight out departure, in which case there is no cause for concern about hitting the aircraft who announced a missed approach.


Thanks everyone for the reply. Was coming in on 25L at KLAX while another was just approaching rotation so we were both climbing out around the same time. :) next time maybe I should have made a decision to execute the missed approach a bit sooner !

Yep that’s what to do! Between 1000ft - 500ft agl you should be checking that you are good to land, ie on glide scope, correct speed, flaps down, gear down etc. About 500ft is minimums ( I use IFA which calls this out for me). If all good and runway is clear than land. If there is an runway is blocked then go around.

Thanks for that! Every day is a learning day


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