Missed approach waypoints

hello, why in some approach procedures it adds the missed approach waypoints and in others it doesn’t?

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Hello! I’m not an expert on this, but at some airports there are the published missed approach procedures that pilots are supposed to use every time. At others, controllers will give vectors dependent on factors like traffic, weather, etc.

I also think this could be moved to #general as it isn’t an issue in Infinite Flight.


Yea ik about it but in usa the missed approach waypoints isnt added to my fpl

Well, it’s not really expected that you would conduct a missed approach each time, which is why it’s not added in the FPL. Furthermore, if you do have a missed approach (in an ATC controlled environment), we don’t use real world procedures usually. We just vector you to be back in the line as efficiently as possible. I hope this helps!

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