Missed approach vs go around

What is the difference between a missed approach and a go around as I notice they are both things you can “announce” to tower but what’s the difference

How come because usually you’re still with approach when you’re getting established on the localizer

Missed approach would have too do with an insturment approach. Usually has too do with getting a bad intercept from ATC or going down too minimums on the approach and not seeing the runway. While a go-around is usually in Visual conditions and can happen at any part during the landing phase


Ok thank you for the explanation

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A missed approach can be done in VFR or IFR. Usually on an IFR Approach in mainly bad weather conditions. Therefore every approach has a MAP-missed approach point where the approach will be discontinued and the plane follows a Procedere to reestablish for another one. The Go around is just like a Low approach. Can be performed direct along the runway or in immediate case left or right. ATC uses it in case of runway suddenly blocked. Pilots use this Term often for announce that they in the „low approach“.

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Great explanation, found it very interesting and helpful. Will definitely remember this for all my future flights!