Missed Approach Procedures (RJTT)

Good day fellow pilots and air traffic controllers, being that Tokyo International is a featured airport this week I just had a question. Where can I find the missed approach procedures for all runways at Tokyo International as I’ll be controlling on the training server for most of the week with both departure and arrival runway operations (meaning my arrivals will have 2 runways exclusively and my departures will have their own exclusive 2 runways)🤔

Funnily enough, what you do is google “RJTT charts”.
The first page you then get is this

Scroll to the bottom and get your final approach charts

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And this is why I love the Infinite Flight Community look how fast that was answered for me thank you very much it is greatly appreciated because I’m going to read through all 109 pages of that that was cool. Moderators if you want to close the topic you can

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Just some more Info:

I am not an expert for RJTT.

But currently runways in use are 34R and 05 for takeoff.
Make sure to use only those two runways for departure but 34R for departures heading north and 05 for deps going to a more southern direction.

34L is the landing ruwnay only.

With the current Metar I would avoid 04/22.

Have fun controlling

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Oh my God can I please share this I’m putting this on the Infinite Flight fan group page on Facebook that was a perfect explanation

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Feel free to post whatever you like.

It’s not a big deal. If you have any other questions I am happy to answer them

It was a perfect explanation because I was going to have the wrong operations I was going to use runway for and Runway 5 for departures and Runway 3/4 left and 3/4 right for rivals thank you so much for the clarification is going to make me learn more and dig deeper because I love Tokyo International I live in the USA with this airport and the way it’s laid out everything should be easy another airport that’s that has a wonderful layout to it Shanghai but that’s a little off topic

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