Missed Approach Point

When flying other instrument conditions, there are three basic points in space that are critical to safe IFR operations. They are the initial approach fix, the final approach fix, and the missed approach point.

Infinite flight has done a great job in handling the SIDS, the STAR, and the various instrument approaches at airports all around the world. This was a major undertaking and deserves the praise of every infinite flight pilot.

However, when flying the instrument approaches, very rarely do we find a missed approach point in those approaches. We often find the runway threshold, which is very useful, but the key thing missing is the MAP.

With the MAP, pilots can fly and approach and the auto pilot will automatically stop descending at the missed approach point and continue at the MAP altitude until the pilot can initiate the missed approach procedure.

I am aware that most of the modern airplanes in Infinite Flight have auto land capability. This is also very useful. And again we should complement the team at infinite flight for adding this complex item.

Adding the missed approach point create a much more real world experience. Additionally if that were to be added, the approach button in the interface should be changed from automatically enabling autoland approach, pressing it once should take you to the missed approach point, and pressing it twice, should enable auto land.

Although autoland is becoming a standard feature in newer airplanes, most planes still do not have the capability.


Most approaches in IF do indeed have the MAP - even though it’s not specifically marked as the MAP, it’s up to you to read the charts and figure out what the MAP will be for the particular approach you’re flying.

Is there an example of an approach in IF that you could provide where you see that the MAP is missing?

Also with regards to APPR and autoland, by definition, the MAP would be the point where the glideslope intersects the DA/DH. And assuming a Cat-III approach scenario, the DA/DH is given by a radio altimeter, or doesn’t exist at all, so it would be a little impractical.

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Wouldn’t that only be the case for ILS and LPV approaches? Or am I misunderstanding what you are trying to say…

Most non-precision approaches have an MDA(minimum decent altitude) and you go missed at the MAP as defined on the chart.

Yes, but the OP is talking about autoland, and APPR, which can only be used for ILS (precision) approaches in the sim.

Ok. Yeah, i just took my instrument checkride on Tuesday and I was like whoa, that doesn’t add up lol.

Thanks for clarifying!

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Valdivia, Chile. The approach is listed as an ILS 35.

Here is the chart.

And in any case, separating autoland from approach makes sense because they are two separate functions in the planes that use them.

The problem at Valdivia is that with the attitude set for DA at the RW35 threshold, the AP brings you down at the wrong angle and you wind up high at the threshold. If you put field elevation in the vnav, the ap will descend below the DA. Sure, you can work around it and cobble it together, but that’s not how it ought to work.

The charts in IF in the GPS should have DA and the MAP. Just sayin.