Missed approach or go around

I had this question quite several months in me. Is there a specific altitude where to say go around in stead of missed approach?


No. If there is something wrong, then ATC can tell you to go around at any point. You yourself can even say that you are going around at any point. Check the procedures section of this Wikipedia out:

for me…
I announce missed approach when my altitude still too high or too low before I capture the ILS localizer.

I announce Go-around when I am at 500ft or under then I still see there is a traffic on the runway or if there is ghost wind makes the plane unstable.

Hope it helps :D


It’s a little different in really aviation but stay specific to infinite flight, all your commands are prescribed. The way I think about it is: who is initiating the command? The pilot or the tower?

It all depends on the situation, but, if the pilot under or over shoots the landing, the pilot can radio for a go around. If something’s gone wrong with the air traffic, the tower will radio for a missed approach, because it’s not safe or possible to approach the runway as planned.

Hope this helps


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