Miss eating "tasty" airline food? This Russian airline has a solution

Russia, the place where vodka is water and where it is totally normal behaviour to ride a horse shirtless in the snow. It’s a weird place but not as weird as Texas however it is still up there especially after one of their lesser-known airlines started offering plane food on the ground.

Ural Airlines are an airline that has a weird name and who also operate flights around the great motherland of Russia. They operate an all-Airbus narrowbody fleet that is surprisingly modern, however, something that is also surprising is that instead of offering plane food in the air, they now offer it on the ground! Want to taste a business class meal without flying business? Now for only $35 Australian Dollers you can! You can also remind yourself of how much you’d prefer to be in business with economy meals going for a measly $11, a bargain if you ask me. But what do these meals contain you ask, well you can choose between chicken, meat or fish with drinks that only really good really taste good in the air like tomato juice. You will also get some credit for future travel with every purchase giving you frequent flyer points.

Now, unfortunately, there is a catch, the meals will only last until the virus ends in Russia and they can only be delivered to you if you live in Yekaterinburg, St Petersburg or Moscow with the business class meal only being available in the two later cities. Would you pay for airline food on the ground?

Ural Airlines A320 aircraft image credit


If I were Russian it’d be offended by the clichés in that article


Let’s just say the article has been, uh, interpreted.

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Yum! I’ll pay good money for that!

I dunno, I relate to Russia closely and have a similar culture. They’re pretty freaking true 😂

I wonder, does Ural serve Pelmeni?


Lol but they do


Wrong topic?


I don’t live in Russia so no point. I’ll just make my frozen pelmen :)

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No, he asked and I answered

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I didn’t need an answer, it was only a thought.

I mean I have never had terrible food, but this is interesting!

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