Misplaced taxiway border and taxiline at TNCM

Here you can see how the taxiway border line is missplaced to the center and the taxiway line being missing too. Can you look this up @Henrik?
Runway heading shown is 28.


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@Bluepanda900, are you even part of the team? Please don’t comment that you’ve fixed it if you haven’t.

Anyhow, thanks for the report - will look into it.


I put up a post similar to this, and they said it would be fixed in the next update.

Yes airport editors say that, because they are the people fixing it. But you’re not even a part of the airport editing team 😐

Do you have a link?

Here it is.

That’s at EHAM… We’re talking about TNCM. :)


Ok, just thought it was a similar post, so I assumed it would be the same answer. 😀 I’ll delete my posts if you want.

Fixed. :)


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