Misplaced streetlights in EDDF

It’s probably quite well known that Frankfurt EDDF is currently one of two 3D airports in Germany. While most of the 3D scenery there looks good, I have just noticied one thing that needs to be changed: There are Some streetlights placed at a spot where they should not be at. Specifically, it’s on the western taxiway(s) connecting runway 07L/25R with the aprons. These streetlights are placed so close to the taxiway that it’s basically impossible to properly taxi with a widebody there and in RL these streetlights just don’t exist. This error should please be corrected as quickly as possible, it shouldn’t be all too complicated to do so but the error really takes away a whole lot of realism, below you can see how I tried to avoid having my wing clipping through the lights because I only noticed them too late to take another way and it really ruined the experience of my long haul flight from KLAX…

I taxied far off the centerline yet my wingtip was only a few inches away from the light

These two lights next to the alternate taxiway exit are way too close too

Looking closely at the satelite picture you’ll be able to see the actual location of streetlights in that area of the airport, the shadows show it. There aren’t any so close to the taxiway

Hello Hendrik,

Sorry for any inconvenience here during your flight. This was reported recently by another community member, and I can confirm this has been fixed for the next update. :)


Oh, havn’t noticed. Thank you 👍

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