Misplaced building at ESSA

Hello, I’ve found two issues at Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ESSA). The main one can be found on the taxiway from the aprons to runway 19L, where a building has been misplaced and is now blocking the way for widebody aircraft at least. I don’t know the exact taxiway name, so i hope the screenshots will help

The other issue is relatively minor, but probably harder to fix:

When taxiing into Terminal 5 Apron BC Gate 17, the aircraft guidance system will have me stop my plan too early (as seen in this ^ replay screenshot), so it’s still sticking into the taxiway. In my case it happened on an A350, other widebodies might be just as affected.
The issue comes from this guidance system thinking, the jetbridge should always connect with door 1L (and single jetbridges being programmed to do so in IF as well), while that’s usually not how it’s done on widebody aircraft IRL, and this particular parking position can only be used with the jetbridge using door 2L on widebodies IRL.
It also lead to the jetbridge not connecting at all when I corrected my aircraft’s position for realism, so I had stairs clipping through the jetbridge.
I think such issues can be found at many different gates and airports in IF right now and will probably need a change it jetbridge programming to be fixed.

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I’ve forwarded it to the editor of this airport, Thanks for the report!


Thanks for the report. In all fairness, Stockholm Arlanda needs a rework. I’ll take a look at some of the gates and get some new imagery to see where I can make some quick improvements, but this won’t be reflected in the next update. ESSA is one of my favorite airports from the early builds and is at the top of my list for a rework. Apologies for the inconveniences. Safe travels!