Mismatching empty weight

I was looking at the empty weight ratio and I noticed something odd. Both the 787-8 and 787-9 have higher empty weights than their specification read.



The specifications come directly from a Boeing airport planning manual dated Nov 2014.

It concerns me that these are off because if fuel consumption plays a role in global the operating empty weight is critical to calculating how much fuel, passengers, and cargo can be carried. So far the 787-8/9 are the only ones I have tested to be in error.


Odd. I’ve experienced a few things as well with weight in the 787’s. Every time I set mine to “Normal” it would be green, but I sent it to “Heavy” once and every time I hit “Normal” I reach MLW (Yellow letters)

Passenger and cargo capacity is off too.

Also the maximum fuel capacity for the A330-200F is off by 24,00kg

Well, there may not be accurate data for the -10 yet. Not sure about the others though.

Yeah currently Boeing has the data out for the -10 but I was not testing the -10.

In that case I’m not sure why the weights are different. Odd.

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