Mismatched METAR for Airports

I’ve been randomly selecting airports to see if it’s not just for a single airport. I’ve restarted device and app. Seems that METAR reports are not matching airports. Here’s a screenshot of KATL, notice METAR is KAUS but it’s happening to other airports as well. Even while flying and not just from airfield selection load page


Having the exact same issue here.


Thank you for the report!

I’ll have someone look at it as soon as possible.


Same issue. Checked with all the airports in India and a couple of other regions, they all seem to be mismatched on all servers.

The METAR for EGKK was correct when I opened, but it just changed to the METAR for EGOV, which then made me notice that the original METAR was the correct airport, but for the date of the 2nd, not the 4th. So that’s another odd thing.

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Hello again!

This is fixed now.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

If any of you are still experiencing this, please send me a PM.