Mismatched Engines on the A321 (again)

Hi pilots, I have noticed that wrong engines are quite a problem on the Airbus A321. A few months ago, I addressed an issue with the British Airways and Air Canada A321. It’s pretty similar to what happened this time.

As you may know, there are two main subvariants of the A321-200: the -21 and the -23. The difference is in the engines. The A321-211 has GE CF6-5B3/P or /2P engines. The A321-231 has IAE V2533-A5 engines. The GE engines have a larger fan diameter but are shorter; the IAE ones are smaller in terms of diameter but are oblong in shape and have mixed exhausts.


In the preview, the engines shown are the IAE V2500 series, which makes it an A321-231.

However, as you can see, the engines have changed to the GE ones during the flight.

So which one is correct?
I searched on Google using the registration (RP-C4111) and it was supposed to be an A321-211. So what it means is that the preview is wrong.
The plane IRL

Thank you for acknowledging!


Yea I’ve noticed this to. I remember before global the easy jet a320 showed a different wing tip.

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Oh really? Did you also notice the same problem with the BA A321?

Interesting, I’ve also noticed this. This was especially interesting because I’ve flown the carrier IRL and i’ve never seen the IAE engines on them. I know they are on Philippine airlines (another carrier based in the Philippines) so they might’ve reused the Philippine airlines model and placed them a Cebu Pacific Livery on it? Just a theory not a fact

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I really don’t know, but if you check some of my posts, I mentioned a similar issue with two other A321s. So I think the whole project was glitched.

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Maybe but they got the preview right on other airlines such as Delta and Frontier. Could be a glitch, who really knows

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Yes but at least 3 of them are wrong. (Air Canada, BA, Cebu). I haven’t checked the others, but interestingly it doesn’t happen to the A320, A319 and 318.

Man that is CFM56s.

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GE CFM56, okay?

CFM56s are made by GE and CFM International.

Well half of it atleast.

but still the company’s name is CFM International…

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I’m surprised that the dev team didn’t notice it

Yup. I did

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Well technically CFM is just a name, its owned by GE Aviation and Safran Aircraft Engines. But to each their own.

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That’s what I was trying to say

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Oh and some a318 are wrong

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How come I never noticed the A318

Does @Laura have anything to say about this?

There engines and wingtips wrong @IF_International

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Oh my… Goodness