Mismatched CRJ in the Mountains

Hello IFC,
Tonight was another night I was on the ramp for our CRJ RON. This was flight AA5869 operated by Mesa Airlines with a 17 year old CRJ-900(N903FJ). Here are a few unique perspectives of the airplane from the ramp.

Who can spot the mismatch?
As always questions and comments welcome!


Is the mismatch you are referring to involve the nose being a solid white while the rest of the fuselage is silver?
Did aircraft start out at UA or something?

Hippity Honed you got Coned.


That is what I’m talking about and I have no idea where it started

Uhhh what?

According to Jetphotos it started out at America West Airlines Express.

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Be we knew that. Good Info to know

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I just looked up the tail number. I love looking at aircrafts’ airline history.

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Inside joke.

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