Mislabeled Airspace in Denver Region

Today, I was flying in the Denver region on expert and noticed something that could be new or a bug, but I’m not sure if this has occurred before. For some reason, majority of the towered airports except for Denver are mislabeled. Eagle, and Aspen which are Delta’s are labeled as Class Charlie airspaces and Centennial, CO Springs, Pueblo and others are labeled as Bravo’s.

Information box displays incorrect airspace

Device Information:
-iPad Mini 4, iOS 10.2

Let me know if you are experiencing the same issue. To duplicate, just hop on to the expert server on the Denver region. As far as I know, I’m not sure if this occurs on other regions.


I always thought it was weird how many bravo airports their are in the Denver region. There’s many other regions with this problem too.

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KCOS is suppose to be a Charlie, KPUB is to be a Delta as well as KAPA. Not going to bother continuing with the others.


KHPN is supposed to be Charlie.

I think it’s like this at a lot of different airports throughout the app, but I’m sure it’ll all be fixed one day!

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