Misha on the move


Does anyone know where the legend Misha Camp is going in Italy. reason being i’m going in next week and would love to say hi.



The world may never know


PM him. He is always up for a chat, he doesn’t bite :)


yes he does stay FAR away as possible


You must be too angry for him 🤣


Fam birthday thing until Friday, then I’m going to Florence and Pisa myself until next week - Misha Camp 2019

He will be visiting Rome, Florence and Pisa


You might not catch him in Italy, but come down to Heathrow for the day in June!


And if you are coming make sure you fill out the form below to be added to the list ;)


You shouldn’t really demand meet ups, and I’m sure New York is a destination pretty high up the list. You can always make suggestions, but not demands😉


😂didint mean it as a demand
Sry if u thought it was demanding 😂


Live footage of misha


Unless you look unfortunately simlar to an apple…

(do unicorns eat apples? I mean horses do…)


We shall never know. I heard unicorns pretend they are vegan though


You should see my DM with him.


I would have to see it to believe it