Miscalculations of flight Time

This Topic really questions why a first officer has not been implemented in Infinite Flight. I slightly miscalculated the flight time and got 3 straight violations for overspeed.
Any other similar experiences?

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I would advise not turning VNAV on so that when you arrive you will (most of the time) just end up circling the airport and when you get back to the device you can descend. This does mean though that you should carry extra fuel if you plan on leaving your device for a long time whilst a flight is ongoing.

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The only first officer you can find is Infinite Flight are in third-party applications like In-flight Assistant, which adds additional alarms.

Good day my Austrian Friend,

Please do not blame the game when you arent advised to be away with vnav armed, You should NEVER arm vnav if more than 50 NM away and it clearly tells you under the vnav icon how much distance is left. Please use simbreif if you are gonna be away on a flight as it gives accurate timings and fuel and everything you need to not mess up.

Also as you are a new user i recommend you ask a small question like this on the discord first.

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I’ve had this before, just don’t use VNAV before you’re back/ a couple of minutes before TOD. It’s really easy to prevent.

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I actually didn‘t arm VNAV

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No need for the explicatives…. It’s a simulator.

It just really angers me because I actually work for Austrian Airlines and can‘t get on my PC very often. So I use IF to relax.

I would advise you to use the same language in here as you do in your work.

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Your aircraft wont descend to a point where you can get an overspeed violation without VNAV. So I would suggest not arming VNAV until you are at your device for the descent which is a critical point in the flight.

If something goes wrong and we have to do a go-around at like 2AM we sometimes swear. It‘s nothing uncommon. It‘s meant to not offend a Person but just the Airport/Airline

Besides his point man

Lots of youngins on IFC.

Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t in public environments. I think you get the point.
There’s younger people in here.


IF really just needs a Top of Descent and Deceleration Point indicator

#features would be a good idea :)

ToD already exists with VNAV. You can add that to the status bar in the bottom.

Yea. There are some very sensitive to insults.

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I just really am confused because of the IRL-FS Gap.

I would recommend User Guide then :) It contains everything you need to know and then some. Put together primarily by our own in house airline pilot.

Yeah. I read it and I am still confused because of my habits when flying.