Misc responses to ATC or AC


As stated recently on a post here by a Dev, infinite flight values the IF community; therefore, being that we are limited to the responses provided on live when talking back and fourth to ATC and vice versa, it would be nice to have a misc response of “it’s ok” or “no problem” when ATC or pilots say “I’m sorry” for any specific reason to give the acknowledgement usually received in any communication setting.


I’d also like a misc message for pilots where you can say “You haven’t given me permission to land yet” especially for the controllers in playground who don’t clear you to land but say roger when you’re on final!


Yeah that wouldn’t hurt, but in all sincerity some of these people need to read a tutorial on the basics of role playing ATC on IF first before they give it a go. Maybe have an in-game tutorial phase first that must be completed before access to the ATC playground is given. Add a few objectives and AI aircraft until all objectives completed then boom the ATC playground will become available to enter.


I’d be happy to create these options in a mock up :) :) :)