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So lately when I go spotting I always use my phone. Even though it is an Iphone it is still not the best for spotting. I then remembered that I had an actual Camera that was pretty good that I used to do spotting a year or two back. I found some of these images on there and I have edited them a little to see what I could do but anyway enjoy!

These photos were taken in March of 2017 and June of 2018 at ORD Airport.

Firstly we have a Virgin Atlantic A330-200 from London!

Then we have an Austrian 777-200ER from Vienna!

Here we have a Lufthansa 747-8 with the Seigerflieger livery coming from Frankfurt!

Next we got a KLM 747-400 coming from Amsterdam!

Now we have a United 747-400 on a short hop from San Francisco!

Changing the angle we got a Turkish A330-300 on a flight from Istanbul!

Finally coming into the Sunset we have a British Airways 777-200ER from London!

Hope you enjoyed!


Beat @AviationFreak haha

Great photos! I will like when my likes are back :)

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Can we appreciate how there is a UAL 747 and a KLM 747 in this topic?



I was going to add a BA 744 as well but the angle was kind of weird so I didn’t add it

Me whenever I see a 747


wow cool photos!

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The nostalgia 😪


I used to love flying on that UA 747 out of ORD. Never gonna happen again.

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Real shame, always came multiple times a day at ORD back in 2017

I saw this and legitimately stopped scrolling, while a single tear fell down my face


I know, they should have never retired those. Such an iconic aircraft!

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