Misc messages

Hi all,

Just a thought on Misc Messaging to ATC, what about insert a new button with message “Good day” as initial contact, same as good morning, afternoon, evening… .

A thought on a more courteous initial comunication rather then an instruction request.


While very thoughtful, there are already to many erroneous commands/requests sent by pilots. The last thing a busy controller needs is more. Let’s end the check in, followed by then asking for service first.

The best thank you is brevity.

that would be awesome

“Vancouver Ground Good Morning, infinite fight 2020 ready for push back with information Charlie”


It doesnt have to be a misc message, but rather built into the message or request itself

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a little unnecessary? Yes it’s a little more realistic, however on ES at a hub, a good morning call could be a little distracting. Some controllers want you to get straight to the point. Like when you tune into approach / departure, just request intentions instead of checking in.

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