Misc Messages in Unicom

I was thinking that it would be a great idea if infinite flight added Misc Messages in Unicom because that would be useful for thanking others for giving way to me or apologising for something I did wrong; for example lining up on runway while another aircraft is on short final.

Hi there! I like the idea however I have a feeling that people may spam it a lot. Btw, there is also an existant feature topic about this:

Unicom - thank you, I’m sorry

However, it has no votes, and hasn’t been active for a long time, so Mods may as well just keep this open.


YES!! this is needed! Ill try free up a vote!!!



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Thank you!! 😊

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If I’m not wrong, this already exists, right?

Not trying to be rude, just confused

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No it is only available with ATC right now

I’m pretty sure we have “Thank you”, “You’re welcome”, “I’m sorry”, and a few others.

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Not on Unicom though

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Oh, right. Forgot about the “Unicom” part

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No problemo!!

I hope this is added! I wish there’s way to direct messages to certain pilots as well which can be broadcasted on the unicom such as a thank you, or asking someone to get a move on.


This is a must have, I will free up a vote

lets see if a can free up a vote…



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