Misc command for ATC "Do not taxi faster then 20 knots"

Hi guys, in my time as an ATC controller I noticed that many people taxi with 30-40 knots, what as far as I know is too fast. So I made this topic requesting a command under misc that tells the pilot “Do not taxi faster then 25 knots”

There’s a huge list of commands we need… I like the idea but I personally think they should just bring back the taxi speed violation once you pass 35kts gs.


You get violations for taxiing over 35 knots- it’s higher than normal but off my head the FAA limit is 30 knots. Pulling the violation limit down would restrict how fast you can leave the runway, which is more of a issue on the expert server. Turns out it was removed with the global update.

Adding a command would cause confusion (between it and the violation limit), and would certainly not be used on the Expert server (controllers have more important issues to deal with). We already have a ‘maintain safe distance’ misc to deal with spacing.


That’s the point - You don’t get any violations for taxiing too fast.

Yes you do, violations are given when taxiing above 35 knots…

No, this feature was removed with the global update. Unless it’s been added lately, correct me if I’m wrong.


Well, why don’t you hop onto TS1 and test it out then…

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The taxi speed limit of 35 knots was indeed removed, and I have read in other posts that at some point in time, this limit may well come back. To some new pilots, which have never had this restriction, this may come as an interesting surprise.


The idea is very good! There are people who think that Infinite Flight is a racing simulator and does the taxi at high speed. If there is not a warning about the ATC and a punishment, it becomes a mess.

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Well why don’t we just ask the developers and mods if the taxi-speed violation has been removed or not.