Misbehaving pilot

He takes off right behind me, flies through me and is just a genuine idiot. Never made any calls to Unicom either

Shouldn’t he be band

Your title should be changed! You should never use this language!

Hi! This happens sometimes, especially the Casual and Training Server, where we have no control. Only at IFATC controlled airports on the Expert Server will situations like this really be solved, we are sorry to hear about the coincidence but being fair we can all be the bigger person and let it pass.

This was on the expert

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Contact a mod with the replay and they’ll sort it out, if it was on expert. If it wasn’t, then unfortunately as it’s training server people are there to learn, as said by @Ecoops123

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Yes it was in expert who is a mod?

Munich. This wasnt in the schedule recently, and these risks are taken when in a non-controlled area.

Further actions most likely won’t be taken. Be the bigger person and let it pass off, they are likely to be ghosted on another adventure 😊

Happy Flying!

List of mods can be found here

This happened to me too on Expert the guy just takeoff right behind me doesn’t say anything but I just let it go…

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Hi. Sorry about this. It happens sometimes as we cannot monitor everything at once with automation currently. We are always working to make sure our online servers are the best they possibly can be!