Mirroring Android onto a Laptop (2)

Android users,

Does anyone out there mirror your phone onto a PC screen. If so, how/with which app?


PS - there’s a first thread on this from 2016, now closed. Maybe somebody has got new ideas

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I have ever looking tried to mirroring from my android phone to my Laptop too, then heres the app that i use. By using my home Wifi
[ https://www.wondershare.com/android-mirror/ ]
*You need to confirm your device has been connected via USB successfully one-time once your device rebooted. but at that time my cellphone was still operating on the Android 5.0 system. I wasn’t sure if it was. If the cause was when the cellphone screen was displayed on the screen instead it didn’t launch.

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Thanks. Do you use paid subscription, then? And is there a lag, or does it work ok?

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Since my usage, theres No paid subscription so far. I think it should be work on your device.
Whats your device by the way ? :)

Most mirroring software have lag, depends on the pc you have and android device.


If you have a windows PC and an android device that supports screen casting, you can project directly to your PC. However many devices prohibited the casting of apps to the screen, and you have no control over the phone via PC.
The same can be said for most casting apps, you are simply mirroring the display, the controls remaining on the phone solely.

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