Mirrored Text in 787-9 and 787-10 Cockpit

There is a small error in the cockpit of the 787-9 and -10. The -8 is fine.
The list with flap limits and the text of the buttons above that list, on the co-pilot’s side, is mirrored.
I’ve searched for a topic or post about it, but was unable to find it.

Device: iPad Pro
iOS: 9.3.5
IF version: - iPadPro1


That’s a bit

Easy mistake. ;)

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Probably because there isn’t any information regarding the 787-10 in real life.

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787-9 as well. The -8 is fine.
And that’s no reason to mirror the text on one side! LOL!

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This is likely to be a small texturing issue.

Great catch buddy :)

They used info fron the -9 and adapted it to the -10.

Well that’s where it failed. 787-9 also has flaps 17&18.

It was fine before the hot fix I was going to post something but I forgot by the time I landed

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This is interesting!I thought the cockpits were a copy paste issue! That makes it sound like they did the cockpits separately!Who ever is responsible will fix that the devs are aware about the mirrored text on the wing view already so this just basically lines up and waits

It’s been fixed!
The 787-9 and -10 have been updated!

Thanks devs!

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