Miri Airport 3D (ICAO:WBGR)

I have been Playing Infinite Flight for 8 Years now and I know we are not allowed to request any airport to be made 3D, But I really like to See My Hometown Miri Sarawak Airport to be in Infinite Flight. As I have seen some of the rural airport in Sarawak had been made 3D.

Here’s a bit of information of Miri Airport located in Sarawak. Miri Airport is a major hub for MASWings Twin Otter and ATR 72 which took over most of the mainly rural domestic services from The location in the middle of Malaysian Borneo and close to the border of Brunei makes it a suitable hub for rural air services and an important gateway to Sarawak. It is also a major hub for Airliners such as Airasia, Malaysia Airlines, MyAirline, Fly Scoot and other Airliners.

In 2014, Miri Airport is the sixth-busiest airport in terms of aircraft movements and there were 2,363,080 passenger movements, and 49,204 aircraft movements in the airport per year.

Miri Airport is the second largest airport in Sarawak after Kuching International Airport with a terminal floor space of 16,448m² having scheduled international flights daily.

For now Miri airport in infinite flight is quite outdated and the outline of the airport is none like the real one now. There is no taxiway in the airport and there is no apron. The only available now is Ramp and runway.

As I have mentioned I know that we might not be able to choose and request any airport to be made 3D but I just want to get this up because this airport might not be some airport that we heard daily like other International airport but, maybe it could put some ideas to the airport editor here in infinite flight. It would be lovely to be flying some regional aircraft out this airport, and as well as made some Inter -state travel using Airliners like Airasia and Malaysia Airlines etc…

I really hope The Airport Editor’s Team could put some update to this airport. Fixing it with a taxiway and apron is more than sufficient for now. I really love to see this Airport to be updated in the next update.

Cheers! Blue skies and Sunny day to all of you! Happy flying!

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