Miramar Airshow

I was wondering if anyone is going to the miramar airshow. I am excited to see the F-35 in real life, and of course, the Blue Angels.

I’ll try to get some pictures for you guys. :)

I saw both at KFRG during the Jones Beach Air Show in NY. A P51 was flying with the F35.

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I wish I could!

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I could if we drove to the San Diego area.

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I live very close to it, last time I went I got a heat stroke and passed out though :/

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I live a bit farther from San Diego and I’m lazy so I really don’t bother with these stuff.

Saw the F-35 at Farnborough, when it hovers its pretty cool.

I have some videos I will be posting soon. Sorry about the camera quality, I had to use my iPhone because my good camera failed to charge.

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