Miramar Airshow! @ KNKX - 061100ZOCT18

Come down to MCAS Miramar Airshow 2018 and get together with other members of the IFC community and celebrate flight! Whether you will be gracing the skies or simply sitting on Static Display, I’m hoping to make this a great day of flying not to be missed

Anyone can request to fly, please specify what aircraft, and if needed, the schedule can be extended. If you would like to be on static display in a specific aircraft, please let me know and I’ll assign you a gate to load at.

Event Information:
• Casual Server
• Saturday 06th October
•Starts at midday (1100Z)


Green Areas: Flying display Aircraft
Blue Area: Static Display/ All spectators

Orange line: RWY 24L/06R will be inactive and used as a taxiway for flying display aircraft

Display timetable:

1100Z: tbm930 (Morgan99)
1130Z: A10 (@Chris109)
1200Z: KC10 (@JetBlast_2119)
1230Z: Spitfire (Morgan99)
1300Z: F16 (@Chris109)
1330Z: AC130 (@Flying_Luc)
1400Z: Fat Albert C130 (@David_Kronegold)
1430Z: P38 (@LeonVeen)
1500Z: F14 (@Toxic_Inferno7)
1530Z: GAF Raptor Demo & GAF Heritage Flight( @Nate_Schneller)
1600Z: SR22 (@DeltaMD88Fan)
1630Z: F16 (@Evan_Westcott)
1700Z: C130 (@Xpira)
1730Z: F22 (@VortexNTPlayz)
1800Z: F22 (Morgan99)
1830Z: C17 (@Evan_Westcott)
1900Z: Sécurité Civile Q400 (Morgan99)
1930Z: GAF C17 (@Toxic_Inferno7)
2000Z: F16 Viper Demo (Morgan99)
2030Z: KC10 (@JeromeJ)
2100Z: C130 (@Nicolas_B)
2130Z: F16 (@George_Anastasis)
2200Z: A318 (@Anawin_Roongsaengjan)

Parking slots:

•Flying acts:

Cala pad 1:
Cala pad 2: (@Anawin_Roongsaengjan)
Cala pad 3: (@George_Anastasis)
Cala pad 4: (@Nicolas_B)
Cala pad 5: (@JeromeJ)
Cala pad 6:
Cala pad 7: GAF C17 (@Toxic_Inferno7)
Cala pad 8: (@Evan_Westcott)
Cala pad 9: @JetBlast_2119
Arming Area 1: Morgan99
Arming Area 2: @Flying_Luc
Arming Area 3:
Hangar 0 E5: C130 (@Xpira)
Hangar 0 E6: @Chris109
Hangar 0 F1: F22 (@VortexNTPlayz)
Hangar 0 F2:
Hangar 0 F3: F16 (@T_Wags)
Hangar 0 F4: @LeonVeen

•Static Display:
Hanger 4 E4: C130 (@Hornet)
C17 (@Exotic_Diecast_820)
C130 (@Xpira)
C130J (@Pdouthitt)

Anyone just wishing to spectate please use a C172 as they are smaller can can virtually go anywhere. Please feel free to park anywhere within the blue area and spectate, but please if you’re not displaying don’t leave the blue area.

See you there 👍


Showtime C130 1700Z
Static desplay
Hanger E5


Yeah I should be there. I hope others join…

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Gonna be there irl, so hope I can make it on IF too!

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I would like to display in the f16 and the a10 please


I can do any im free allday

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Good morning sir, I would like to request a gate for the air show coming up in Oct. Thank you

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I would like to fly with 3 others if that is an option?
We’re not a VA just a small group of like minded pilots.

Do we have to be a VA to fly a group?

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Let check my fire department schedule and I can get back back with you.

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Expect the appearance of the GAF Viper demo team, and heritage flight to attend. (1600-1630Z)


Roger that, thanks!👍

Can I be a plane on the static display?

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Yep what aircraft? (I’ll add it to the list)

I’d like to be on the flying display.

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GAF’s Raptor Demo will make an appearance. I’ll go for 1530Z


Roger that what time and aircraft?

That’s great to hear, Thanks see you there!

I’m going to be in an F22. I’ll go for 1730Z

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What available time slot would be best for you?

I’ll go for 1730Z at least

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