Miracle a Cinematic Infinite Flight Short Film

This video was hard to make since I was trying to find new clips and scenery that wasn’t in my last video so I would appreciate it if you would subscribe!

Thanks to @neon1 for helping me near the end of the video!

Videos in progress:

  • TopGun Maverick trailer remake in Infinite Flight
  • Cinematic Fighter Jet short film

This looks really good! Amazing job with the music and all the unique shots. Lovely!

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Thank you!

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Really great video! Awesome job!

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I know I said this last time, but this is your best video yet!

I feel that you should just expect me to say this from now on!


… Have i said i love you?

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Thanks I’m glad you liked it!

Thank you, it didn’t seem as great as the last one tbh lol

Beautiful video!

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This is pretty cool, good work!

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0:33 is butter.

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Thanks @Jinco and @Rdeco76

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That’s what I was going for