Minor Speed Issues

So first off when I load into short final on solo, my 777 starts at either 180 kts or 60 kts…
Second off when I do mach speed at cruise, it always goes one below. So if I put mach .85 the indicated speed is shown as mach.84.

If anyone could help or let me know if they have the same issue. But if any staff sees this, just a minor bug I wanted to point out :)

The Mach indicated is like that. It happens to me all the time. I think they are already working on the short final speed problem.

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I find that an issue too. The only thing to do to help is to reduce your weight.

This is due to winds. I’ll usually get M0.83 set at M0.84. It is indeed a little annoying :)


Ok thank you :)

Yes it is quite annoying. But this happened last night and I only had a 10 kt tailwind…


Short answer winds

When you set M.85 on the AP, you may have set it anywhere between M.845 to M.855. To set it actually at M.85 you need to speed up from M.84 and enable AP after TAS (or GS if no cockpit) reaches (slightly less than) 3kts above when M.84 changes to M.85 on the HUD.
It’s not just the 777 that has this btw. A380 sometimes go as low as M.83 even when I set M.85 properly.

That’s a bug they need to fix at some point. I think it’s actually because it spawns you at a fixed ground speed.

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That’s just strange though because last night I was flying set at mach .85 and with a 10 kt tailwind it indicated mach .84

Oh ok!! Thank you this seems to be a realistic answer. Ill test this out on my next flight in an hour!!

Just saying, I only use this method because I test fuel flow, and this gives me reliable Mach speed. (I could also test at M.845 M.855 etc. instead but that’s weird) Some planes still will maintain a slower speed than the set AP speed (or a higher speed, not usual at cruise though).

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