Minor issue(s) with the GD F16

Hey there,
I bought the F16 a while ago and came along 2 “bugs”.

During a formation photoshoot I noted, that from the cockpit view no aileron input can be seen. Is this the case for everybody ?

Aileron input to the left from normal view, you can clearly see the ailerons moving up and down.

While having full input on the aileron to the left, you cannot see the actual input on the control surface from the cockpit perspective.

What I also noted is, that the flap setting does not change if you move them from 20° to 30°. To make that clear I once again gave full input on the aileron, both times the flaps are aligned exactly to the aileron.

20° flaps setting.

And with 30° flaps setting, the flaps are in the same position.

Is that the case for everyone ? Or is the bug on my end ?

All the best,

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Have you tried to reinstall the app?

Yes, done that twice.

It’s an old model, it will eventually get reworked


Everyone will have this “issue”. It’s not really an issue, it’s just that the debts have yet to update the model of the aircraft. The F-16 is an old model and plane, it will get reworked eventually but for now, let’s just enjoy it on how it is :)

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I’m glad I didn’t buy that one. I was strongly considering it over the F14.

did you check your coupled ailerons settings?

I made a similar support issue only concerning the Flaps back in January. I agree that they are minor.

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