Minor bug fix: plane icon shows same heading on map

Hi all,
Today I would like to request this little fix:

Here it shows how it looks normally when you don’t “touch” the globe:

But here it is after you turned our virtual planet in any direction you want:

As you can see, the icon maintains the same heading in relation with the screen, though not in relation to the destination/planet earth.

I am fully aware I may only post 1 pic for request, but everyone can agree here it was needed to show the point.

Thank you for your attention,
Have a great day

Do you mean that your plane is facing upward in the second picture?

He is saying that as you rotate the map, the plane will change. For example if you are parked facing due west, as you rotate the map the plane will look like it is pointing due east.

This is a known issue left over from global, no need to do a feature request for it. It does not impact your flight experience really and is just more of a small annoyance when on the map view.

I remember during testing there was a reason for it but I forget off the top of my head.