Minor Bomb Scare in Hannover Airport

Yesterday, a complete fiasco caused Hannover Airport (EDDV) in Germany to close. The reason for this is that a drug-influenced driver broke into the airfield and chased after an Aegean Airlines plane which had just landed from Athens.

He drove onto the apron and stopped under the plane, at which point he was apprehended by police and caught, while he was also tested positive for drugs.

This caused a bomb scare, and the plane was grounded for 5 further hours while Hannover Airport was completely closed and other flights diverted away.

Eventually, no danger was detected, and after 4 hours, traffic resumed as normal.

Personal Opinion:
To me this just caps off a spectacularly weird year in aviation, while it also reminded me of the incident in Dublin this September, but also a few other cases. This one just seemed to have more consequences, with the flight being grounded.
Again, like with the Gatwick drone, one man rendered a whole airport un-operational, while, thankfully, with fewer consequences.

Here is an article if anyone’s interested:

Thoughts on this?


Now this is just complete stupidity! The question I have in the first place is “Why is he driving after taking drugs?”

It’s amazing how just one person can ruin it all for everyone.


I agree with @SimpleWaffles, this is just total idiocy. I want to know his excuse for drink driving.

First da drones, and now this

Christ’s sake people, just get a life and stop being stupid :)


Pretty much of a chaos at my home airport. Glad they’ve managed the situation relatively well.

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@SimpleWaffles and @BennyBoy, Let me simplify his actions for you as to why he did it in the first place.

Drugs, It’s social issue. Many times, many people in this worlds, is tossed around and feels left out from society. That causes them to feel lonely. This lonely can turn a person into severe depression. One way that many of us know is, when someone is sad, extremely sad, they’ll dink it out at a bar or maybe at home with a couple of beers. Some take it to the extreme. And Drugs is just a step up from drinking excessive amounts. As someone feels out of place, they’ll linger around the wrong kinds of people, they’ll make contact with people who lives under the radar, it’s the dark side of our modern day society. This group, I honestly, feel bad about, because, they do drugs, they do illegal things, much of which is usually rated 18+ when included in games.

Now to my main point. This guy here at the airport, he did wrong, of course. Very wrong, it’s not a clever idea, neither for him or for others to drive into the airport chasing a plane for god knows what his reasons were. But It’s not right to call someone a Idiot and not right to tell People to get a life, because of what they did was considered Idiotic. What you should blame is his actions and not him. And you were asking, “why did he drive after taking drugs?”

Well, if were to rake that question literally, I’d say that when you’re under the influence, you don’t think of what consequences your actions will bring. What it will do for you and for others. What harm it can cause. Because when you’re intoxicated, you think rationally. And it’s sad, it’s very sad that people go this far to put not only them but also others in danger. Now I may sound biased towards this driver and it may seem like I’m supporting him and bashing you two, No I’m Not. What I’m saying, is that you can’t blame someone for something before knowing why. You can’t say, Hey, You are a complete ****!

I agree with both of you, It’s stupid to act on your own to cause problems for others when incapable of taking care of yourself, in such situations, and let alone take the car, that deadly. Every year, so many accidents happen due to drunk driver son the road driving like maniacs and many leave this planet themselves for driving rashly. I’ve seen many accidents in my life, cars on the side of he road, all smashed, and the driver, left earth. The reason, he/she was drunk and drove away from a party, a from a family fight, from somewhere, because they thought they know better than they do. They went against all odds, thinking that they have the control and power to do as they wish.

So this driver at Hannover. Rational thinking, that’s what causes for someone to do as he did. And you are more prone to not think clearly when you are incapacitated. I find it very sad that he went out of his way to do something that could’ve caused more damage. A action of his that could’ve ended deadly. But luckily, nothing such happened. I’d rather have the airport closed 5hrs than him dying by crashing his car or down the runway only to get his by a Airplane causing mass devastation.

We can’t stop such behaviors, but we can minimize by helping those in need, those in our society who’ve fallen for the world of drugs and those who drink excessive amounts to clear their minds from all their sorrow or only because they have zero control of what they’re doing. I’ll end by saying, I’m sad that this happened, it could’ve ended worse, no it didn’t, Thankfully. I hope that we less of such incidents in the future and one thing to think of when in anger due someone’s ill behavior is to not throw words that has a harsh meaning and remember that you can do better than calling someone for disrespectful names. Rather judge what they did, the drug taking, the drunk driving, the problem causing. That’s what are mad about. He is just a person who happened to be the one who made it happen.

Now I hope he does get jailed, and further more, he gets time to think over his behavior, so that can improve his standing in life and gets the help needed, if the case is that he is a addict, which in that case, it’s extra sad and important for him to get to together fix the issues in his life. Cuz only he can make the right decisions and steer towards a better future. So for everyone here on IFC, remember, Always be aware of what you’re capable of doing, don’t overdo it and don’t let other decide how far you can go.

Stay Safe Everyone and Happy New Year!


Is this real rn I mean seriously drones in Gatwick to bombs in Hannover when does it end

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Nah I would not check this guy into jail I’d put him into rehab jail isn’t going to fix his problems if he has addictions it’s going to make him stir crazy in a cell


I think most people are assuming that the guy has some sort of other motivation, e.g. depression, insanity but…

It could just be a normal dude that had a very bad trip


Wished that drug was never a thing…
This is 101% stupidity thing to do.


@Gabe_Z Drugs can actually be very useful. They cure illnesses, stop pain, and have other positive uses.

It becomes a problem when they get onto the streets, and are misused. They can be very dangerous if taken without a prescription, but it’s defiently an over-reaction to ban all drugs altogether.

However, Getting back on topic, these kind of incidents will continue to occur, and we it’s how we deal with them that really matters. Sure, they’ll be a few bad apples who cause a scene here and there, and that’s just inevetable. The police did a good job here, solving the problem when it came up.


I mean bad drug, not good drug.

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There are no bad drugs. Drugs that are misused become bad.

PM if you want to talk more.


People get crazier and crazier every day!
Never ceases to amaze me, on a second note, I’m glad no one was hurt!

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Wow. Why? Jeez people!

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Why are people able to simply drive up to a plane and stand next to it? I’ve seen this happen too much. What if he had a bomb? Would the plane have a chance? This terrifies me to think how easy it is to get onto the grounds of an airport.

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Well said - one of the best comments I’ve read on here.

People really do underestimate how easy it is to fall under the influence of drugs.

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