Minor audio detail with the TBM930 [2]

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Exactly what Serverghost said:

The audio of the engine startup is **Amazing!!**The shutdown is amazing too. But when I turn on the engine and short after I shut it down, it makes a louder noise from the usual one.

Steps to reproduce

• Turn on the engine
• After 3-4 seconds shut it down while in the normal view

You can hear how the engine shut down seconds after you turn it on.

My main question, is it by design for now, as @schyllberg said in the previous topic, or is it the same IRL?

Thank you for your answers and apologies if this has already been clarified!


This is a known issue though :)


Ohh ok then. Thank you Seb for clarifying!!

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It’s a bit tricky, as the the apps starts to play the sound it should when the engine being at X amount of RPM when being shut down… but the shutdown sound is way louder at that specific RPM than the start up sound is at that specific RPM.