Minor Arrivals Board Glitch

This is only a minor glitch - it happens around once every few weeks.

But as soon as you click Back and then re-enter this screen, everything returns to normal.
Running on an iPad 6th gen (2018), 32 GB.

Well as you can see,

My arrivals board goes straight back to normal after I exited and re-entered the ATC menu.

This glitch isn’t anything to worry about. I just assumed it might be helpful to report it.

There’s no need to reinstall. This may happen sometimes. The data is pulled in and some lines may get crossed or there’s a connectivity error. Keep things fresh by rebooting IF, sometimes more than once may be necessary.


Yeah, just realised this is a rare problem and the situation is solved.

I won’t recommend posting this on the #support category if you solved the situation yourself. If fact, you can mark your own comment as the ‘solution’ if you solved it.

Also, apologies as I did not read the small description fully. I understand it now. :)

Well, i would as even though the issue gets solved, it’s still an issue that needs to be addressed in some way.

It’s great that some issues can be worked around, but they shouldn’t have to be to begin with :)


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