Minnesota Migration (Fly-Out) @ KDLH - 221800ZSEP18 [Departed-event over]

Minnesota Migration


Hello, IFC. It’s getting colder in Minnesota but while the birds are leaving, the planes keep working. This is a fly-out event at Duluth International Airport, situated outside the Great Lakes port city of Duluth. This airport is also the home of Cirrus Aircraft, the designers of the SR22 and the SF50 Vision jet, making it great for simulating delivery flights.

Server: Training

Airport: KDLH

September 22, 2018 5:00 PM

Gate Assignments:
Commercial Gates:

Gate 01: [@Gabe_Z ] KDLH->KMSP, Delta Connection | CRJ-700

Gate 02: [Open ] KDLH->KMSP, Delta Connection | CRJ-200

Gate 03: [@ebukarthur ] KDLH->KORD, United Express | CRJ-200

Gate 04: [@Pilot_SK ] KDLH->KORD, United Airlines | Airbus A320-200

Gate 05: [@Northwest ] KDLH->KMSP, Northwest | CRJ-900

Cargo Stand

Maintenance 01: [Open] KDLH->KMSP FedEx | Cessna 208

Military Stands

This airport is also the home of the Minnesota Air National Guard’s 148th Fighter Wing, equipped with F-16C Fighting Falcons. This is also a great chance to fly with friends or do a patrol over the Great Lakes.

MIL-ALPHA 01: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

MIL-ALPHA 02: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

MIL-ALPHA 03: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

MIL-ALPHA 04: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

MIL-ALPHA 05: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

MIL-ALPHA 06: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

MIL-ALPHA 07: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

MIL-ALPHA 08: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

MIL-ALPHA 09: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

MIL-ALPHA 10: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

MIL-ALPHA 11: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

MIL-ALPHA 12: [Open] F-16C KDLH->(Anywhere)

East Hanger 05: [Open] C-130J KDLH->(Anywhere)


Central Hangar 01: [Open] KDLH->EIDW, NJI Sales Inc. | Cessna Citation

Central Hangar 02: [Open] KDLH->KPIE, NetJets Aviation “EXECJET” | Cessna Citation

Central Hangar 03: [Open] KDLH->KYIP, NetJets Aviation “EXECJET” | Cessna Citation

General Aviation

Central Hangar 04-01: [Open] KDLH-> [Anywhere] | Cessna 172 or Cessna 208

Central Hangar 04-02: [Open] KDLH-> [Anywhere] | Cessna 172 or Cessna 208

Central Hangar 04-03: [Open] KDLH-> [Anywhere] | Cessna 172 or Cessna 208

Central Hangar 05: [@2003iggy] VFR | Cessna Citation

Cirrus Delivery Flights

West Hangar 05: [@Captain_Finck ] KLDH->KFCM | SR22

West Hangar 06: [@Aceorbit ] KLDH->KFAR | SR22

West Hangar 07: [Open] KLDH-> [Anywhere] | SR22

West Hangar 08: [Open] KLDH-> [Anywhere] | SR22

West Hangar 09-01: [Open] KLDH-> [Anywhere] | SR22

West Hangar 09-02: [Open] KLDH-> [Anywhere] | SR22

West Hangar 09-03: [Open] KLDH-> [Anywhere] | SR22

West Hangar 09-04: [Open] KLDH-> [Anywhere] | SR22

(More spots can be added)

All jets and military aircraft will be using 09-27
All props will be using 03-21
Additional information will be given out closer to the event date
This is my first event, feedback is appreciated.
See y'all in the friendly skies!

Since this is now on training server, I am opening up spots for ATC. If you would like one, please let me know down in the comments.
Tower/Ground: [ @ArtyGamer ]
Approach/Departure: [Open]

This event is partnered with: Infinite Flight General Aviation Club (IFGAC)

This event is happy to be partnered with the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club! The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is Infinite Flights largest and ONLY GA Club with over 100 active members!

Check Them Out Here: The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Join The Journey


Yes yes, This is my home airport! Can you give me Gate 01?

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I got you my man. All yours.


Hello! Your title is a little mis leading. It says KLDH but in the context it says KDLH. You should fix this.

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Ah, thanks for noticing the typo, my mistake.

Edit: Fixed now


Oh, I forgot to say that cause I am too happy when somebody create a event at KDLH which is my home airport.

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I’ll take gate 2 to KMSP

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Great choice. See you there. :)

Just wanted to let everyone know, this event will now be on the training server. I have also opened up some spots if anyone would like to run ATC. This event is coming up fast in 5 days, so be sure to sign up soon!


I’m proud to announce that this event is Partnered with the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club!

With over 100 active members, we strive to fill more events up with the General Aviation Aircraft. Expect these GA Stands to go quick!


I will take West Hangar 05, KDLH to KFCM

See you there!!!


Thanks for attending. I hope you enjoy it! 😁

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Four days left to get a spot everyone, there are still 3 commercial gates left! Make sure to get them soon!

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Three days to go, still plenty of spots open!

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Hey! I want to be Ground and Tower Frequenzy. I can’t say that I will be there for 100 percent, but if everything goes right, I will join.

Sorry for my bad English.

I would like to be part of this can I have gate 3

Do you know how to use ATC, also show your Operation.

@ArtyGamer @ebukarthur You guys were added, thanks for attending. Still a cargo spot open if anyone wants it!

Hey Gabe_Z,

I know how to use ATC, and I spend a lot of time doing this. I also watched the videos about ATC Tutorials on Youtube. Trsut me I`m a good Air traffic controller! :-D

I said how many operations you have? Please screenshot.