Minneapolis Spotting | KMSP March 23, 2019

This Saturday, I decided to go spotting at Minneapolis St. Paul International, trying to improve my ability to edit and take good shots. I caught some interesting aircraft I had never seen before, and also met some other spotters at the airport who I chatted with a bit. Overall, it was a wonderful spring day, and a great time to get outside after being inside almost all winter.

First up is a Delta 757-251 (N540US) owned by Delta Airlines. I saw very many 757s on this spotting trip, and during the end I was almost sick of them.

Next up is this Spirit A320-271NEO (N901NK) which had a great smooth landing!

I also got a chance to see a few of the species of heavies that come to Minneapolis, but here is a
Airbus A330-323 (N816NW) taxing to runway 12R to depart to Amsterdam.

Here is one of Minneapolis’s 2 daily 767s arriving. This is a
767-324 (N394DL) operated by Delta.

This is a Delta 777-232 (N863DA) taxing to runway 12R for a departure overseas.

This on here is a real special catch, Southwest’s special 500th 737 (It is a 737-7H4, N281WN). You can recognize this plane by the special “500” sticker under the cockpit windows.

Here is a wonderful Dassault Mystere Falcon 900 (N874VT) taxing out from the Signature FBO for a departure.

Next up is the wonderful Southwest Illinois One (N918WN, 737-7H4), which is taxing out of its gate at Terminal 2.


This here is a Learjet 55 (N55AR) operated by AeroCare, which is an air ambulance company.

And last but not least is this old workhorse, a FedEx MD-11F (N599FE) hitting the brakes on touchdown. Thank you to @HiFlyer for helping me touch up this picture.

Overall, this was a great trip, and I got to see some aircraft and liveries I had never seen before. If you have any feedback or tips to give, feel free to leave them down in the comments below, and I would love to hear them. :)

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Ohh very nice Spirit NEO! Also the Illinois One is supposed to visit GRR to tomorrow! Nice pics!

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Very nice photos! Keep it up!

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Nice shots!


Awesome! I was going to do MSP - AMS tonight too!

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